Nik "우주 오리" Lanjouw


Design student during the day, astronaut duck at night. Started working on games in highschool, sadly none of those projects survived. These are some of the projects i've worked on that didn't end up lost in the void:


I love adventure in all shapes and sizes, and dream of one day making one. Always looking to learn something new!


PS: Science rules!


Currently working on TerraGardens at Spaghetti Games.

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If you want to you can contact me at these digital locations:


Email: niklanjouw@

Twitter: @blaaaaanky

Instagram: @blaaaaanky



TerraGardens is a mobile game I developing with Spaghetti Games, a group of friends who wanted to really make something. It's a gardening game that revolves around growing and balancing ecosystems through play. You craft beautiful terrariums for yourself or friends and learn a little about our worlds vibrant ecosystems! TerraGardens is meant to be part educational experience and part relaxing garden game.


Buckle UP


A serious game prototype commisioned to explore using vr as a practice tool for driving schools. Gameplay focused on driving whilst staying aware of the environment and identifying potentials hazards around. Using a mounted laser on their car to destroy the hazards. Buckle up focused on developing engaging gameplay and themes for learning drivers to develop good habits in driving.

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Wasted In The West


Players take control of a drunk cowboy in a duel and attempt to keep themselves upright enough to get a clean shot. A couch competition game, wasted in the west is full of old timey humor and lots of whiskey. This one was great fun to make.



is a 2.5d atmospheric platformer where players see with sound. Inspired by games like Inside, Resonance uses the concept of echolocation to increase tension and put a focus on environmental story telling. Players can only see the environment when a source of sound hits it, and is otherwise left to imagine what’s really out there. Resonance follows a story of a young monk sent out to find a supposed cure to his blindness, but what he finds is anything but.