Hey, I’m Nikolas Kalin Lanjouw! Interactive media and user experience designer.

As a designer I’m deeply interested in the world around me. I am fascinated by how we interact with it, how it informs out perceptions and where digital spaces comes into play between ourselves, the world and others. I am constantly curious about the new ways technology lets us interact with our world. New methods become available constantly at an impressive pace, it is no wonder we can get lost in it all. We’ll always need new intuitive ways to see the world.


It is my goal to create solutions to complex problems between the digital and physical worlds. Pursuing innovative and intuitive answers that challenge presumptions and uncover powerful ways to see. To support our complex social and environmental communities and bring positive change.



Play is a crucial element of any experience. It delights, teaches, bonds, creates curiosity, and informs. Without play we would not be human, and very very dull. Bringing a little play to any situation is something I value.


To be clear in all communication, intention and design. When we understand each other, work is smooth and no one trips over our human tendency to misinterpret. Clarity is key to usability.


Design is difficult. It requires taking the work seriously, care for every little detail, and consistent effort. It creates quality in every product.


To bring quality and polish in every project. I make every effort to ensure I always bring my best, and to have it reflected in my work.

For any inquires email me at: niklanjouw@nikmakes.games