Scrapped and recycled projects:

Brea Io

A action adventure title I designed and developed in Unity (game development environment). I made it for a level design class, blocking out and iterating on level flow and action. I took inspiration from games like hyperlight drifter and the legend of zelda. It was over scoped to hell and back.


A short experimental exploration game I designed for fun. I wanted to make players feel small and alone in a vast world. It was fun to design, but frustrating to play.

the king of an empty kingdom

Reverse TD

A reverse TD witch card game mechanics. Players attempted to capture the target by placing enemies and playing cards. The prototype never took off unfortunately due to a lack of technical know how.

Blind climb

A 2D atmospheric platformed designed to be uncomfortable and unnerving for players. We used a mechanic that would allow players to bounce sound off solid objects to ‘see’. It was concepted and developed in 2 weeks. It unfortunately remains unfinished.