TerraGardens: <3 terrariums

TerraGardens is a calming sandbox game with a gorgeous minimalist stylistic design. With focus on simplicity, TerraGardens offers an easy and warm atmosphere to dive into the intricacies of nature and its wonders. TerraGardens provides a friendly experience into gardening, crafting, and the elements of nature.

Terragardens was meant to be the debut title for Spaghetti Games, which was a game studio that I founded with 5 peers from my bachelor study. We started Spaghetti Games to take part in an accelerator program by Indietopia.org. The goal was to concept, develop, test and launch Terragardens on the Play store and App store inside of a year.

With such a small team we all wore many different hats. Thus my role on the team was Lead Designer and project manager. I was responsible for managing the design, documentation, developing, and communicating concepts with the team. In addition to collecting content for and writing weekly developer logs for public consumption.

The highlevel aesthetic goals of TerraGardens was to engage players with natural processes, and provide a safe vibrant space for relaxation. Early on in development we gravitated very quickly to the idea of terrariums and aquariums, which can be made into tiny self contained ecosystems. It fit the concept well due to their cozy nature and popular perception. So the team decided to move forward with them, revolving game play around crafting and maintaining the terrariums with the final goal of balancing them to be forever self sustaining.

During development the team also had to manage the processes and activities associated with running a company. Marketing plans were developed, decision hierarchies were set in place and we argued a lot about the monetization model. As part of the accelerator we had to plan and implement revenue moments, where our efforts in that quarter lead to earning revenue.

Unfortunately, the project never came to fruition. There are however still plans to publish a demo, which will be available on the Play store. More information about the project and all the devlogs are still up on the studio’s website: Spaghetti-games.com

Alpha gameplay